August 10 Meeting Minutes

8/10/11 CCA Baseball Club Minutes—President’s Agenda

  1. Voting Procedures


CCABC board agreed to adopt Robert’s Rules of Order for voting procedures.

In the case of a tie vote due to a member absence the first alternate will cast the deciding vote.

In the case of a tie vote due to a member abstaining from voting, the measure voted for by the President will carry.

CCABC board will allow parents to address the board in the first 10 minutes of each meeting.

Trevor motioned to approve the voting procedures. Matt seconded. By voice vote the motion was approved unanimously.


  1. Evaluations


Fields are available for the 2 dates.

Suicide bunts were deleted from the curriculum.

Hitting will be weighted by a power of 2

# of throws to first base was removed from fielding as it is covered in throwing.

A pitching station will be added, only scoring for accuracy-10 pitches.

There will be a comments section for each station for the evaluator to comment which will be used in the case of a tie evaluation.

Coach Davis will update the evaluation form and forward to Trevor.

A vote approved that if a participant goes to both evaluations an average score will be used for that participant. In the case of a tie between a one-day participant and a two-day participant—the two-day participant will prevail.

If a participant is unable to make either evaluation, he will receive the first available spot on a first come, first serve basis.

So far Coach Davis has only secured two evaluators for each date. We need to secure 4 more for each date. Board members will contact coaches to fill the void.

Waiver form will be put on line for participants to complete before evaluations.

Registration form will be provided by Coach Davis to Trevor.


  1. 14U


Coaches will be contacted to contact parents of their players to appear before the board with their concerns at the 8/17/11 meeting.


  1. Bylaws


Will model bylaws after the I.C. Trojans Baseball Club Inc. Mike O. will seek permission to access the Google document.

  1. Sponsor Letter


Letter was proofed and edited.

Coach Davis will contact Marty Jones.