August 17 Meeting Minutes

8/17/11 CCA Baseball Club Minutes—President’s Agenda

  1. 14U team recap


CCA Baseball Club board will try to secure an independent coach.

Further discussion tabled until tryouts are complete.


  1. Tryouts/Evaluations


Field and station assignments:

Field 4: infield, field and throw, one point for each, 10 balls/20 points, 1 evaluator , 2 volunteers

Field 3: outfield, catch and cutoff throw, 1 point for each 10 balls/20 points, 1 eval, 2 vol

Field 1: hitting, 5 bunts, 15 cuts, 2 points for each successful attempt, 1 eval, 2 vol

Field 2: running, home to first base-timed, 5 feet first slides, 10 points each, points awarded after times are determined for home to first, 2 points for each successful slide, 1 eval, 1 vol

Pitching will take place after all participants have rotated through the four stations.

14U to field 3 with pitching rubber of 54 ft/later session will have 46 ft for 11U

13U to field 4 with pitching rubber of 50 ft/same distance for 12U at later session

It was decided light rain will NOT cancel the tryout.


Equipment needed:

Balls-Mike, Mike & Matt

Helmets-Andrew, Mike


Backstop-Mike, Trevor



Registration forms-Andrew




Another e-mail to remind participants of the average of tryouts will be taken if some choose to go to both.


  1. Players who miss tryouts due to injuries/other commitments


The board decided that players who miss the tryouts will be assigned to the second team. However, there will be 1-2 roster spots open on the first team. All players from the second team will have the opportunity to make the first team roster by exceling during the off-season/pre-season workouts. Player(s) chosen has right to refuse assignment to first team and the next player will then have the opportunity to move up. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Sponsor Letter


Sponsor letter will be available to all parents at tryouts. Letter will also be available online so anyone can print and give to possible sponsor.

Any checks should be made out to CCA Baseball Club. Sponsors will receive a spot on CCA Baseball Club website, t-shirts, and banner.



  1. Other


The Board decided there should be 2 instructional coaches for each team and also allow for one dugout personnel.

A sign-up sheet will be available at the tryout for anyone interested in volunteering to coach.

Anyone interested in fundraising should contact a Board member or let us know at the tryouts.

It should be noted the estimated $200.00 fee does NOT include uniforms.



  1. Parent addressing the board


One parent addressed the board prior to the start of the scheduled meeting. The parent wanted to know the format of the tryouts—if it would be required to be there for the full 2 hours? The parent was informed that the tryout would entail the full 2 hours.