August 31 Meeting Minutes

8/31/11 CCA Baseball Club Minutes—President’s Agenda

  1. Parent Open Forum
    1. No one addressed the Board during the open forum
  1. Tryout Recap 

Total number of participants for both tryouts was as follows:

14U 19 (+ one player who could not participate due to injury)

13U 13

12U 18

11U 19 

  1. By Laws 

Most the rest of the meeting was used to address the clubs by laws. Most time was spent addressing how to make team units. Progress was made and Coach Davis updated the document during the meeting.

The rest of the bylaws were assigned/volunteered for as follows: 

Andrew – coaching certification
Marci – everything up to player uniforms
Mike – Code of ethics and protocols
Matt – inclement and emergency notifications and child abuse
Trevor- additional policies
Mike Wurth – uniforms and equipment
Troy Liddell – additional policies
Brett – Additional policies 

  1. Other 

Mike informed the rest of the members that the indoor hitting facility in Swisher would cost the following:

Individual: $246

Family: $430 

It was agreed the Board should offer a team price to try and reduce the cost/player.