September 21st Minutes

9/21/11 CCA Baseball Club Minutes


Tonight the CCA Baseball Club Board welcomed 12 parents at the open forum.

In attendance were: Mary Akers, Scott Armstrong, Mary Downs, Brad Korschgen, Toby Moran, Angie Ogden, Kim Schulte, Tony Schulte, Laura Sheely, Travis Sheely, Tim Soukup and Chad Wood.

Chad Wood started by inquiring if the Board could post the Line Drive Hitting, LLC 2012 Bat Days on the website. The dates are: October 2nd, 16th, and 30th 2011 from 6 –7pm. Here is the link for Line Drive Hitting, LLC website:

Chad is also interested in ordering bats as a group in order to get the best pricing available. If anyone is interested in getting a new bat(s) please contact Chad: or (319) 325-3479 before October 17th. He noted the demo days at Line Drive Hitting, LLC would be a good opportunity to check out new bats.

Scott Armstrong was the next to address the Board. Scott felt the tryouts needed a better grading system using a scaled system versus an all-or-none scoring system. He advised this would provide more contrast in the player’s abilities and get a more accurate tryout result/score. Scott also inquired if the teams were set. The Board’s reply was if all the players are committed (to be determined soon) then the teams are set, understanding there could still be additions.

Laura Sheely felt that the tryout should include a player’s attitude, readiness to play, and coachability. She also voiced the Board should try and warn new parents and players to traveling baseball about the expense and time commitment involved. She recommended a sample budget be placed on the website to give parents a better idea what to expect.

Toby Moran echoed the time commitment involved. Toby pointed out practices start in January and the season completes around the 4th of July.

All 14U parents felt the Board did a poor job of communicating that some players may be moved to the freshman team. The Board acknowledged their frustration but stated all decisions were based upon providing the most opportunity for all players to play. The Board also reiterated it is our goal not to have players moved up, but the current projected numbers dictate the move. Parents also felt that moving players now was premature. The Board recognized their concern and Coach Davis explained the decision was based on last year’s numbers and this year’s projections. Again it was emphasized the move was made to provide the most playing opportunities.

The Board thanked all parents for attending and encouraged their continued input.