Meeting Minutes October 12, 2011


10/12/11 CCA Baseball Club Minutes


Tonight the CCA Baseball Club Board welcomed 2 parents at the open forum.

Chad Wood and Tony Schmelzer attended and had several questions/comments:

  • Where is the money going?
  • Latest notes were confusing and poorly stated who pays for what.
  • The fee/club may lose more kids—which is the opposite of the stated club goals.
  • The club wants a commitment in two weeks—but no one knows what they are committed to.
  • Not all players have grandparents/sponsors so the two $50 sponsors make the fee $300/player.

These questions were all addressed in the new clarified commitment letter. The two $50 personal sponsors are no longer required.


Chad suggested several fundraising ideas:

  • Name the field after sponsors that donate $500-$1000 for the length of the season.
  • Look at the North Liberty web site to get ideas for sponsors to contact.

Tony had the following suggestions:

  • Have a tournament this summer.
  • Have parents submit local sponsor the Board should contact.


Coaching assignments were clarified:

11U Blue – Head: Matt McAreavy, Asst.: Tony Schmelzer, Chad Wood

        White – Head: Mark Dawson, Asst.: Jon Haman

12U Blue – Head: Brad Korschgen,   Asst.: Todd Liddell, Chuck Wolfe      

        White – Head: Scott Armstrong, Asst.: Toby Moran  

13U – Head:  Mike O’Connor,   Asst.: Troy Thomsen, Tim Hertel

14U – Head: Mike Wurth,   Asst.: Steve Kalkhoff, Todd Shores