Meeting Minutes November 16th, 2011

11/16/11 CCA Baseball Club Minutes


Board attendance: Andrew Davis, Mike O’Connor, Matt McAreavy, Trevor Bollers, Todd Liddell, Mike Wurth, Marci Armstrong. Absent: Brett Mehman.

Coaches attending: Mike O’Connor, Tim Hertel, Brad Korschgen, Todd Liddell, Chuck Wolfe, Scott Armstrong, Toby Moran, Mike Wurth, Matt McAreavy, Tony Schmelzer, Chad Wood, Mark Dawson, Jerry Suther. Absent: Troy Thomsen, Jon Haman.

Coaches meeting started at 5:30pm. It was emphasized to all coaches to contact everyone on their team roster to find out if players were participating or not. Initial deposit should be sent a.s.a.p. but no deadline was set.

Cosgrove: All coaches were reminded to contact Val Seelman for practice slots if they hadn’t already done so. Coaches will also need to contact Val for keys unless they still have a set from last year.

High School batting cage: Coach Davis informed the coaches of the time available for the CCA Baseball Club teams. Coaches were allowed to sign up for slots. There will not be a charge for use of the facility.

Diamond Dreams: All coaches were reminded about DD 12/9/11 coaches clinic.

Other items:Coach Davis will e-mail a list of the companies/businesses to the coaches that the Board has already contacted. The coaches can then e-mail the Board of other companies to contact for sponsorships. Board will try to present fundraisers to the coaches that they can do at the team level. The Board will continue to update the coaches with the amount the Board has raised through their fundraising. Matt agreed to contact USSSA for the identification # for insurance purposes. Matt will also be the clubs representative for the Hawkeye League. It was discussed to turn the uniform purchases into a fundraiser. Parents, siblings or friends could purchase clothing accessories (hats, shirts, etc.) with the club garnering a percentage. Coaching clinics were discussed. Possible targets—hitting, pitching, base running for coaches, or a pitching clinic for the players.