Meeting Minutes November 9, 2011


11/9/11 CCA Baseball Club Minutes


Open forum—No parents attended.

Player Commitments—Reminder was sent as it was discovered not all players received the clarification letter. Deadline extended by agreement.

14U Update—Coach Davis continues to hear from parents with their decision on moving up.

Sponsorships—total to date collected $400.00. Trevor informed the board he is working with Hawkeye foods on a fundraising endeavor. Mike O. is contacting Slims about a fundraiser.

Other items—all coaches will be asked to attend the next meeting on November 16th at 5:30pm. Agenda for meeting: Team rosters, budget & finance workings, Bylaws, Expectations, Equipment needs, Clinic suggestions, Binders (birth certificate, code of conduct, bylaws, equipment checklist).

Mike O. attended the Cosgrove meeting and had good news as the rental prices have been reduced from last year. Mike has forwarded the available slots to all the coaches with contact information.

It was suggested the Board pick a time to approach the city council for field rental negotiations.

The rest of the time was spent trying to decide board elections and term limits. This is what was agreed upon thus far: Alternates will serve one year as alternates and then will become active board members (initial/current alternates will serve as alternates until current term ends). Active Board Terms will be 2 year terms (3 current members will serve longer to allow the rotation to start). Terms will begin on July 1st. The first term will end on July 1, 2013. Members McAreavy and Wurth will be the first to end their commitment. Two new alternates will be nominated and voted upon at that time. The new Board will hold elections for the offices. In the case of a Board members resignation the 1st alternate will become an active member and the Board will vote on the offices. The following year July 1, 2014, three members term will expire. Two alternates and one active Board member will be nominated and voted upon.