Meeting Minutes October 19th 2011


10/19/11 CCA Baseball Club Minutes


Open forum—No parents attended the open forum.

Coaches are finalized with exception of 12U white.

Coach Davis needs an updated e-mail list of all parents/players who attended tryouts. Board member Wurth will update list.

Board member Bollers recommended the board should estimate a budget/balance sheet. The following represents that effort (all numbers are approximated via our best educated? guess):

63 (tryout players) X $200.00 (player fee) = $12600.00 Total club fund for 6 teams (2-11U, 2-12U, 13U & 14U) would equal $2100.00 for each teams balance.

Expenses (per team):

Game Umps for home games: 12-13 (games) X $50.00/game = $625.00

Tournaments (4 x $300 entrance fee) = $1200.00

Balls (3 dozen x $25.00/dozen) = $75.00

League Fees (Hawkeye League) = $100.00

USSSA fee = $35.00

Off season practice facilities: $500.00

Field fee: $500.00 ($300 for game fees, $200.00 for practice fees)

Insurance: $100.00

Equipment (catchers gear, helmets, bats): $200.00

ESTIMATED Expenses/team total = $3335.00-$2100.00 (team balance) = $1235.00 short fall for each team. $1235.00 x 6 (teams) = $7410.00 will need to be raised thru sponsors and fund raising events.

Options suggested for fund raising: basketball tournament, pancake breakfast, silent auction, baseball tournament.