Meeting Minutes January 11 2012


CCA Baseball Club Minutes 1/11/12

Attendance: Andrew Davis, Trevor Bollers, Mike O’Connor, Todd Liddell, Matt McAreavy, Mike Wurth, Marci Armstrong. Absent: Brett Mehman

Open Forum: John Navarra asked the Board if the 9U/10U teams, that were not invited to participate in the club this year, would be allowed to purchase club uniforms. He felt since the teams would be eligible to participate next year, money could be saved if they could purchase the uniforms this year. The Board informed John they would address the issue at this meeting.

Uniform Presentations: Wilsons Sports Center and Rage Graphics made presentations of uniforms and accessories. After the presentations, the Board voted to have Rage Graphics provide the uniforms. All 5 active Board members voted in favor of Rage. The Board will make final decisions on the uniform at the next meeting.

Answer to John Navarra: The Board debated the merits and disadvantages of allowing the 9U/10U teams to purchase club uniforms. It was determined that two of the teams have already ordered uniforms. Eventually Matt motioned that the Board allow Trevor Bollers 10U team to purchase club uniforms for the 2012 year. Mike W. seconded the motion. The motion carried with four votes for and none opposed (Trevor abstained from voting due to conflict of interest).