Meeting Minutes August 9th, 2012

CCA Baseball Club

Board Minutes


Board Members:

Mike O’Connor, President; Brett Mehmen, Vice President; Todd Liddell, Treasure; Mike Wurth, Operations Manager; Marci Armstrong, Secretary; Chad Wood, Alternate; Jenny Jensen, Alternate; Matt Mcareavy, Trustee.

Present: Mike O’Connor, Todd Liddell, Mike Wurth, Marci Armstrong, Chad Wood, Jenny Jensen

Absent: Matt Mcareavy, Brett Mehmen

Others Present: Jon Haman, Mike Malley



Meeting Location: CCA High School, Tiffin, IA

Meeting Called to Order: 6:30 p.m.


President Report:

*Topic of Discussion – Board Minutes 7/23/2012.  FinalBoard minutes from 7/23/2012 were presented and approved (5-0).  Marci A. to forward a copy of minutes to Trevor B. to post on CCABC web site.

*Topic of Discussion – Independent Evaluators for 2013 Season Tryouts. Board members updated on how many independent evaluators have been secured for try outs.  We have 3 evaluators and 2 helpers that have committed to both weekends.  Jon H. suggested trying some of the umpires that were used over the season.  The Board will continue to work to secure the 8 needed.  OPEN TOPIC

*Topic of Discussion – Parent Information Package.  Marci A. presented a draft of a parent information package to be reviewed by Board.  Package includes items: player’s time expectation, estimated fees, and players code of conduct form.  Jenny J. suggested adding parents do’s and don’ts. Marci A. to make revisions based on items decided at tonight’s Board meeting, update, and send to Board for final approval via email.  Package will be made available at school open houses and at try outs. OPEN TOPIC.

Topic of Discussion – First Alternate.  With the absence of a Board member it was discussed who would be the 1st alternate.  MOTION for Jenny J. to act as first alternate; seconded and passed (5-0). 

*Topic of Discussion – Field Reservations for Tryout.  In the absence ofBrett M., Mike O.  to follow up with City of Tiffin to ensure CCABC has the fields reserved and ready for tryouts on 8/18, 8/19 (if needed), and 8/26.  Fields will be divided up and set to appropriate USSSA distance rules.  OPEN TOPIC

*Topic of Discussion – Use of Batting Cage.  Mike O. and Jenny J. will follow up with the CCA Athletic Director to discuss CCABC use of the batting cages starting in January.  OPEN TOPIC 

*Topic of Discussion – Club Membership Fee.  Discussion held about the increase in club membership fee.  Items taken into consideration: Increasing number of tournaments played by teams, cost of similar programs, facility, insurance, and umpire cost.  MOTION to increase club membership fee to $250.00 per player; seconded and passed (5-0). 

*Topic of Discussion – Payment Schedule of Fee.  Discussion held about payment schedule of the membership fee.  Items taken into consideration: Spacing out the payments, collecting deposit prior to release of rosters, holidays, and timing of uniform orders.  MOTION to structure club membership fee as follows:; seconded and passed (5-0). 

Initial Deposit – $100 DUE Sept 15th (prior to release of rosters)

Remaining – $150 DUE Feb 1st (if not received, no practice until paid in full)

*Topic of Discussion – Uniforms.  Brief discussion held on if players will be required to purchase new uniform every year or if jerseys could be used from prior year.  Also noted that uniform fittings should take place as early as possible, early January if possible.  OPEN TOPIC

*Topic of Discussion – Tryout Methodology. Discussions held on new methodology for Tryouts.  Procedures for each station was documented, reviewed, and discussed by the Board and the tryout committee. 




Out Field

Factors taken into consideration: How each station will be run, scoring method for each station, how the stations score would be recorded, and the weight each station would carry into the final score.  OPEN TOPIC


*Topic of Discussion – Sponsor Thank You/Picture. Pictures were brought to meeting and Board members signed out for any pictures that they could deliver to sponsors.  Any remaining will be delivered by Marci A. or mailed out. A HUGE thank you to Katie S. for putting our Thank You pictures together!!!  Great Job!!

Finance Report: Nothing reported at this meeting. Receipt for banner turned in for reimbursement.

Committee Report:  Tryout committee participated in discussions in tonight’s Board meeting.

Other Business: Nothing reported at this meeting

Next Board Meeting.  Next meeting to be held August 15th at 6:00.  Location TBD


Meeting Adjourned: 9:30 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Secretary: Marci Armstrong