Meeting Minutes January 7, 2013

CCA Baseball Club

Board Minutes


Board Members:

Mike O’Connor, President; Brett Mehmen, Vice President; Todd Liddell, Treasure; Mike Wurth, Operations Manager; Marci Armstrong, Secretary; Chad Wood, Alternate; Jenny Jensen, Alternate; Matt Mcareavy, Trustee.

Present: Mike O’Connor, Marci Armstrong, Todd Liddell, Mike Wurth, Chad Wood, Matt Mcareavy, Brett Mehmen

Absent: Jenny Jensen

Others Present: Jon Haman


Meeting Location: CCA High School, Tiffin, IA

Meeting Called to Order: 6:40 p.m.


President Report:

*Topic of Discussion – Uniforms.  Board voted on Uniform provider.  MOTION: Vendor to be used for 2013 uniforms to be Wilson’s Sporting Goods and uniforms to include shirt, hat, and pants.  VOTE: 4-1, passed.  Marci A. to work with uniform committee to decide on logo and finalize things with Wilson’s to be ready for fitting dates.

*Topic of Discussion – Concessions for Tournament.  Board members were updated on food vendors for concessions for tournament.  Mike O. working with Costco and sending letter indicating what food we are looking for.

*Topic of Discussion – Tournament.  Mike O. submitted flyer for tournament.

*Topic of Discussion – Slim’s Fundraiser.  Marci A. to update last year’s flyer for Slim’s night.  Volunteers will be needed from each team to work fundraiser.  Shifts will be determined at coaches meeting.

*Topic of Discussion – Coaches Meeting.  Coaches meeting will be held on 1/14.  New CCA Head Coach will be introduced.  Additional items to be discussed: paperwork for batting cages, cage times, uniform information, outstanding club fees, and hand out coaches manuals.

*Topic of Discussion – USSSA Team Registration.  All teams have registered and team ID’s have been provided to Todd L.  Insurance will be obtained in coming days.

*Topic of Discussion – 14U.  Mike O. has been talking with the new head coach on the status of the 14U age group.  Decision has still not been made.  Head Coach is still trying to get solid numbers from current high school grades.  He will keep us updated.

Finance Report: No updates

Committee Report:  Letters being sent to local businesses.

Other Business: No updates

Next Board Meeting.  Next meeting to be held January 14th at 7:00.  Location CCA High School.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:55p.m.

Minutes submitted by Secretary: Marci Armstrong