Meeting Minutes February 4, 2013

CCA Baseball Club

Board Minutes


Board Members:

Mike O’Connor, President; Brett Mehmen, Vice President; Todd Liddell, Treasure; Mike Wurth, Operations Manager; Marci Armstrong, Secretary; Chad Wood, Alternate; Jenny Jensen, Alternate; Matt Mcareavy, Trustee.

Present: Mike O’Connor, Marci Armstrong, Todd Liddell, Mike Wurth, Chad Wood, Matt Mcareavy, Brett Mehmen, Jenny Jensen

Others Present: None


Meeting Location: CCA High School, Tiffin, IA

Meeting Called to Order: 7:05 p.m.


President Report:

*Topic of Discussion – Cosgrove.  Club will be receiving a refund for the 11U White team once approved at their Board meeting on February 4th.  Would like to see some type of “L” screen for protection.  Some teams would like to have a pitching machine at Cosgrove.

*Topic of Discussion – Uniforms.  Email has been sent notifying parents of fitting times and information.  The Board will pay for Head Coaches shirts only.  All other coaches must purchase their own shirt.  All coaches will need to purchase own hat.  If the Board has money at end of season, assistant coaches will be reimbursed for shirts.

*Topic of Discussion – Tournament – CCA vs. Partnership.  Discussion was held in regards to the offer from Lisbon to buy out the CCA Tournament.  Items discussed: compared financial benefits of running it ourselves or partnering with Lisbon, confidence level that club would be able to put on a successful tournament.  MOTION: To decline Lisbon’s offer to buy out CCA Tournament and continue on as planned. VOTE: 5-0 to continue as planned.

*Topic of Discussion – Team Banner.  Board will obtain quotes for team banners.

*Topic of Discussion – Tournament.  Discussion was held in regards to details of tournament.

USSSA Sanctioned – Tournament funds would need to cover cost of making the tournament sanctioned.  By sanctioning the tournament, we have a better chance of filling brackets in all age groups.  MOTION: To register tournament with USSSA.  VOTE: 5-0.  Mike W. to complete paperwork for USSSA and Marci A. to revise tournament flyer.

Bracket Status – 10U – 1 team, 11U – 2 teams, 12U – 1 team.

Tournament T-shirts – Design was presented to Board, along with price and profit margin.  Price was discussed and adjusted.  Shirts will be ordered on a pre-order basis to limit exposure.  Flyer will be sent to coaches once they register.  A few additional ones will be ordered to sell at tournament; this amount will be determined closer to ordering time.

Food Options – Mike O. met with Hy-Vee to discuss food options.  We need to find a volunteer with experience to manage the concessions at the tournament.  Other options of suppliers need to be explored.  An estimate has been obtained from Trojans.

Tournament Director – In the case of cancellation due to inclement weather, the Tournament Director will still need to be paid since work will already have been done to line up umpires.

*Topic of Discussion – Slim’s Fundraiser.  Fundraiser is set.  All shifts have volunteers to cover time slots.

6-8:30 11U 9U 8U
8:30-10:30 MATT M. 13U BLUE 10U WHITE
10:30-12:30 MATT M. 12U WHITE 13U WHITE
12:30-2:30 MATT M. 10U BLUE 12U BLUE

*Topic of Discussion – Raffle.  Raffle ticket sales will kick off at Slim’s.  Chad W. will provide tickets.  The prices of tickets are:  1- $5, 3 – $10, or 7 – $20.

*Topic of Discussion – Hot Feet Camp.  Trevor Bollers has offered to provide a Hot Feet Camp as a fundraiser for the club.  The camp would be held around Spring Break.

*Topic of Discussion – Team Equipment.  Board discussed items needed by teams: first aid kits, game balls, and catcher’s equipment

Finance Report: Update of late add players that have not paid.

Committee Report:  Letters being sent to local businesses.

Other Business: No updates

Next Board Meeting.  TBD –  Location CCA High School.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:30p.m.

Minutes submitted by Secretary: Marci Armstrong