Meeting Minutes March 4, 2013

CCA Baseball Club

Board Minutes


Board Members:

Mike O’Connor, President; Brett Mehmen, Vice President; Todd Liddell, Treasure; Mike Wurth, Operations Manager; Marci Armstrong, Secretary; Chad Wood, Alternate; Jenny Jensen, Alternate; Matt Mcareavy, Trustee.

Present: Mike O’Connor, Marci Armstrong, Todd Liddell, Mike Wurth, Chad Wood, Matt Mcareavy, Brett Mehmen, Jenny Jensen

Others Present: None


Meeting Location: CCA High School, Tiffin, IA

Meeting Called to Order: 6:06 p.m.


President Report:

*Topic of Discussion – Cosgrove.  Club will be receiving a refund for the 11U White team once approved at their Board meeting on February 4th.  Coaches need to ensure the facility is clean after each use.  There have been more complaints that trash is left around and floors have not been swept.  COACHES are responsible for making sure facility is clean after their team is done practicing!!

*Topic of Discussion – Uniforms.  Uniform fitting is completed.  Any added kids will be fitted at that time, however, delivery date cannot be guaranteed.  No more additional hats can be ordered.  We will have a few extras and will they will go to late adds.  Discussion was held regarding player that purchased a uniform but decided not to play.  Said player was a late add, did not send in required deposit fee.  Marci A. will discuss options with Wilson’s.

*Topic of Discussion – Team Banner.  Board obtained two quotes for team banners.  Marci A. will coordinate with Iowa Business Supply on the completion of team banners.  Sponsor logo’s need to be provided.  Marci A. to contact any sponsor’s that have not provided logos.

*Topic of Discussion – 12U Players.  Another player has been added.  However, we are still in need of players to complete White team.  Options were discussed if no other players are added.

*Topic of Discussion – Tournament.  Discussion was held in regards to details of tournament.

USSSA Sanctioned –Paperwork completed for USSSA and tournament flyer revised.  Tournament is listed on USSSA website.

Bracket Status – 8U – 3 teams, 9U – 5 teams, 10U – 8 teams, 11U – 7 teams, 12U – 9 teams, 13U -5 teams.  Brackets are capped at 4 teams for 8U and 9U and 8 teams for 10U – 13U.  The last team’s registration received for 12U will be sent back.

Tournament T-shirts –Shirts will be ordered on a pre-order basis to limit exposure.  Flyer will be sent to coaches once they register.  A few additional ones will be ordered to sell at tournament; this amount will be determined closer to ordering time.

Food Options – Chad W. and Brett M. will work on coordinating volunteers and obtaining bids from food suppliers.  An update will be provided at next meeting.

Tournament Director – In the case of cancellation due to inclement weather, the Tournament Director will still need to be paid since work will already have been done to line up umpires.

Trophies – Jenny J. will work with Harry’s to obtain trophies and medals.

Umpires- 8U and 9U – 1 certified umpire, 10U – 13U – 2 certified umpires.  Certified Umpires will be paid $40/game.

Field Maintenance – Coach Henry has been asked if High School players would be available for raking, chalking, etc.

*Topic of Discussion – Fundraisers.

Sponsorship – Update from Todd L. on money received to date, update from Mike O. on businesses contacted.

Raffle – Ticket sales began at Slim’s night.  Each team will be given 100 tickets to distribute to players to sell.  Tickets will be handed out at next coaches’ clinic.  Two prizes have been determined: TV and Kindle Fire.  Chad will continue to approach businesses for donation of gift cards.

Hot Feet Camp – Trevor Bollers has offered to provide a Hot Feet Camp as a fundraiser for the club.  The camp would be held around Spring Break.  Board would like to proceed.

Items for Sale – Car decals and stadium seat backs with Club logo will be offered for sale.

*Topic of Discussion – Team Equipment.  Board discussed items needed by teams: first aid kits, game balls, and hitting tees.  Catcher’s equipment has been handed out to all teams.  Play It Again has a CCA Club account, Club will receive 10% credit for anything purchased under this account.

*Topic of Discussion – Web Site.  Web site needs to be updated with current information.  New items – Update rosters, remove Slim’s announcement, post teams that have registered for tournament, and post information about raffle.  Marci A. will request updates.

*Topic of Discussion – Field Schedule.  Meeting took place with Anthony W. to schedule field times (practice and games) for each team.

*Topic of Discussion – Helmet Painting.  Research needs to be done to see if helmet painting will be an option for the Club this year.  Jenny J. to contact a couple of businesses to see if they have any interest.  Helmet decal order forms will be sent out to coaches once decision on painting is made.

Finance Report: Update of budget and fees/expenses paid.

Committee Report:  Letters being sent to local businesses.

Other Business: No updates

Next Board Meeting.  03/11/13 –  Location CCA High School.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:00p.m.

Minutes submitted by Secretary: Marci Armstrong