September 13, 2021

Location: Tiffin City Hall

Start time: 6:07 End time: 6:58

Board Members Present: Kelly Weber, Cori Charbon, Katie Piper, Bridgette Schares, Anna Woody, and Alex Schultejans (FaceTime)

  • Open Discussion on Membership


  • Updates on Outstanding Action Items


  • Treasurer’s Report

checks will be deposited soon, changing hands to Katie and Cori. Send email reminder about club dues needing to be turned in

Look into square fees and Venmo- club get a track phone or see if invoices can be linked to website to send out for dues to be paid

  • Sponsorships

Sponsorship for team only have the checks wrote specifically for team NOT club

Add a line on the sponsor form to specify club or team and remove plaque from form

Send letters/email parents once teams are finalize to see if employers would be interested in being a sponsor

  • Fundraising

Edgewood- still waiting to hear back/contact

Hometown- 10/07 and November date

Clothing Order- around Christmas time for delivery. Store opens around beginning of November for 1-2 weeks. Will only be offering shipping NO PICK UPS

Pancheros- Nick contacting them

Scratch- April 2022 for pick up in May

  • Usage of Club Funds

Possible ideas:

Iowa Clinic- $400/team (Nick Ungs contact person)

Day Clinic at Diamond Dreams (winter)

Field Fees @ Tiffin (Frank is thinking of charging each tam a flat rate of $250 and 1 night guaranteed per week)

Kernels Game, Hokey Game, Iowa Baseball Game

State Tournament Fees

Clipper Classic Fees

Pitching Machine

Coaching Clinic

have coaches vote on top 3 or 5 of the above

  • Teams Needing Members

9U white-9 kids.. possibly 11

8U white- 6 kids- not heard from parents on coaching, but some kids could play up

12U white- 8 kids

Email by October 1st for finalized teams in limbo with coaching and kids

  • October Meeting

October 18 Tiffin City Hall @ 6 PM