Baseball Clarification Letter

Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s):


Thank you for your patience and understanding over the past several months. We recently sent out a “commitment letter” in order to begin solidifying teams.  There has been much feedback over the past few weeks, which the board values. The board has been busy communicating through email and phone conversations when time allows.  Our meetings each Wednesday have been filled with many tasks.  


After time to discuss and reflect, we feel that it would be best to clarify and try to answer many of the questions and concerns that have been brought to our attention.  We will do our best to try and answer many of those questions.  We have revised some of the original plans because of the feedback we have received. We knew that this would be a possibility and essential for the success of the club.  


The process has been very tough in this inaugural year and we realize that things will need to be modified, changed and possibly overhauled for future years.  There are many things that we are trying to predict and is, at times, like trying to hit a moving target. We wish we had the answers to some of the questions, but truly we will not know until this first year has happened.  


The biggest problem for the club is that we have a $0 balance, which gives us really no room to be able to do anything.  The board realizes the financial aspect of this club is going to be a very challenging issue. We are caught between many viewpoints and are truly trying to find a happy medium.  


The board wants to apologize to anyone who feels that we have not been very clear on some things and we realize that communication can always be better.  The goal of this letter will hopefully answer some of those concerns:


1)  Where is the money going from the  $200 fee?


The club fee will go into the general fund that will be used for:

  1. Team insurance
  2. Umpires
  3. Minimal team equipment
  4. 25-30 game schedule
  5. The amount of tournaments will be based on how much money is in the general fund.
  6. Field Fees


The fact of the matter is, that we do not know what our budget will be. The numbers that we have crunched are very conservative and we hope that this does not go over our estimated budget. We have asked other similar clubs and we are either at the same fee structure or much less. The board just wants to avoid having to come back and ask for more money in the middle of the season.


Each individual team will be able do additional fundraising if they want to play beyond the allotted amount.  


2)  Why were the players being asked to get 2 personal sponsors?


The idea was that this money would go into the general fund.  We realize that some people are thinking that this essentially was an additional $100 being added on top of the regular fee.  Our idea was that it would be easier to get some money for the club to have in the account by giving players an opportunity to find sponsors or do a fundraiser such as selling candy, candles, or anything else.  We were trying to avoid selling items door to door.


The board has decided to not require having two-personal sponsors. It is highly encouraged that players would be willing to find optional sponsors. The price will remain at $200.


3) Where will the excess money go that is in the account at the end of the season?


The intention of the club is not to make a profit, however we would like to have a percentage of the initial account balance carry over to the next year.


4)  Where are the by-laws?


The by-laws were slated to become public this week, but the board dealt with some more immediate needs. They will be up soon. Please be patient.  The board believes that there is not anything in them that would make anyone not want to be a part of this club. They will be completed and will be valuable before the actual season begins.


5)  Who are the coaches?


11U Blue – Head: Matt McAreavy, Asst.: Tony Schmelzer, Chad Wood

        White – Head: Mark Dawson, Asst.: Jon Haman

12U Blue – Head: Brad Korschgen,   Asst.: Todd Liddell, Chuck Wolfe      

        White – Head: Scott Armstrong,  Asst.: Toby Moran  

13U – Head:  Mike O’Connor,   Asst.: Troy Thomsen, Tim Hertel

14U – Head: Mike Wurth,   Asst.: Steve Kalkoff, Todd Shores


Thank you for you time and we apologize for the confusion. If we did not answer any concerns, please contact a board member.  We value all comments and feel they will assist us in building a strong baseball club for the boys of Clear Creek Amana.


CCA Baseball Board