June 11, 2018


Monday, June 11, 2018


Clipper Baseball Club meeting was held on Monday, June 11, 2018 at the residence of Wade Good in North Liberty, IA at 7:17pm.

Club Members Present: Adam Henderson (President), Wade Good (Vice-President), Darci Roehler (Director of Operations and Interim Treasurer), Golda Monohon (Secretary), and Nick Pfeiffer (Alternate)

Clipper Classic Financial Results:

Income:                                                      Expenses:

Entry Fees:                    $18,962.00           North Liberty Field Rental:         $1,510.00

Kona Ice Fundraising:        $378.00           Tiffin Field Rental:                         $800.00

Concession Stand:          $4,605.00           Mound Rental:                              $770.00

Total Income:                 $23,945.00           Trophies:                                   $1,123.50

                                                                    USSSA Advertisement:                $790.00   

                                                                    Umpire Payments:                     $7,270.00

                                                                    Alphagraphics Pitching Cards:       $56.28

                                                                    Costco Concession Items:           $834.43

                                                                    Wal-Mart Concession Items:           $6.26

Optimist Club:                             $800.00

                                                                    Hy-Vee Concession Items:     $ 2,362.37

Total Expenses:                    $16,322.84

Income:                                     $23,945.00

Expenses:                                 $16,322.84

Total Profit;                                 $7,622.16

Normally the concession stand raises ~$8,000-12,000 for the club.  This year there were less teams than normal in the Clipper Classic.  This year we had 46 teams versus ~75 teams from past years.  There was no 11U AAA bracket, in addition we were competing with the PST tournament in Cedar Rapids that was scheduled during the same weekend. 

Adam has contacted the tournament directors from the other groups to coordinate tournament schedules.  They have agreed upon the following tournament schedule order for the 2019 season to optimize team participation for all tournaments:  

1 – Tigers   

2 – Cornshuckers

3 – Clipper Classic (1st or 2nd week of May)

4 – PST

Clipper Classic Feedback:

North Liberty – Penn Meadows:

On the 11U field, an umpire had a bad call and fans were yelling at the umpire.  There was a running faucet in the women’s bathroom.  We had plenty of help prepping fields on Sunday morning.

For next year:

  • Purchase condiments!  Fortunately, Hy-Vee brought back-up condiments with them.
  • 1st Avenue Hy-Vee was great and very helpful.  We need to reserve them again for next year!
  • Need more startup money for the concession stand.  Need $1000 in ones, fives, and quarters.
  • Purchase spoons or coffee stirrers, BBQ sauce, and sunflower seeds.
  • Round to the nearest dollar for concession stand pricing to get rid of quarters.
  • The donuts did not go over well.  Need to scale those back next year to ~3-4 dozen instead.

Tiffin – City Park:

There was miscommunication on a balk warning call for 13U.

The restrooms were gross.

The concessions were fine, but they opened right at 8am which was a hassle for the teams that played first and needed breakfast.

Clipper Classic Concession Stand Leftovers: 

Large food items were donated to the Mission of Hope.  Smaller, opened items were divided up among the clean-up crew.

2019 Evaluations:

Evaluations will be coach run and coach pick, similar to last year.

7U – Brad Curtain

8U – Nick Pfeiffer (4 or 5 players from his current team can play 8U again)

9U – Trevor Bollers

10U – ??

11U – ??

12U Blue – Jay Robertson/Jake Smith

12U White – Trevor Johnson

13U – Trent DeKoter

14U – Brian Baxter

Brian Baxter (13U) has been using Game Changer for tracking his games so the plays and stats are transparent.  This helps parents to understand more easily why certain coaching decisions are made throughout the season.  If parents are curious about evaluations, they are welcome to track hitting, catching, and fielding themselves to predict/understand the roster chosen by the coach.

There is a concern that Sandlot may be ending so there may be an influx of CCA Clipper players at evaluations this year.

Adam will be meeting with the 2019 12U coaches, Jay Robertson and Trevor Johnson, to discuss logistics with evaluating the 12U players to create two teams.

The registration fees will remain the same as last year.  $20 for pre-registered players and $40 for walkup players.  This keeps money handling simple.  There will be no need to supply five or ten-dollar bills.  The club dues will remain the same.  The first membership payment of $150 is due in the fall on September 1st.  The second payment of $150 is due in the spring on March 2nd.  Wade suggested that the rosters cannot be set until all players have paid their first membership payment.  Golda suggested that the players cannot receive their uniforms to play until all membership dues have been paid.  It is difficult to enforce these rules.  Darci suggested that both payments be due earlier, such as the fall/winter of 2018.  A $50 multi-player discount will still apply for each additional player that is in the CCA Baseball Club from the same family.  14U will only need to pay one payment of $100 for dues.

Need to advertise the evaluations.  The virtual backpack on the CCA School District website might be a possibility as well as the NoJoCo newspaper.  When advertising, we should provide a guide as to what the coaches will be assessing such as hitting, catching, and fielding.

Golda will need to meet with Darci to learn how to set up the registration for evaluations on the CCA Baseball Club website.  Golda and Darci will meet on Wednesday, June 13th at 7:30pm at Golda’s residence to get this set up.

Nick will need someone from the board to be present during his 8U evaluations on August 1st for registration and to collect money.  Adam volunteered to fill this role.

2019 Uniforms: 

A new uniform design will need to be decided for the 2019 season.  The board decided that they would like to stay with Ironside as the vendor.  The CCA Baseball Club cannot use the new CCA School District logo.  The school district is developing new rules in regards to the usage of the school logo.  The 14U team will NOT need to purchase new uniforms since they will end the season at the beginning of May with the Clipper Classic.

State Tournaments:

Every Clipper team is signed up for the state tournament except Nick’s team (8U White) since the team opted out.  Gabe Bakker’s team (10U) has not had a winning season, but the parents voted to still attend the state tournament.  All teams attending the state tournament have been paid in full.

Clipper Night at the CCA HS Varsity Games:

Every team in the CCA Baseball Club has been invited by Coach Henry to attend a CCA HS varsity baseball game.  CCABC players get into the game for free if they wear their club jersey.  Coach Henry has suggested various dates so that not all teams come at the same time.  Adam has forwarded the invite from Coach Henry on to all the coaches.

End of the Year Parent Meeting: 

Monday, July 16th was chosen as the date for the End of the Year Parent Meeting.  Adam stated that he would like to schedule this in the Commons Area of the CCA High School.  When the email is sent to the parents with evaluation information, Golda also needs to notify everyone of when the Parent Meeting has been scheduled as well as the need to fill positions on the board.  The CCA Baseball Club By-Laws will also need to be updated before the parent meeting.

CCA Baseball Club Materials: 

Since Darci’s 3-year term with the club is almost over, Darci gave Golda all the club materials to store such as the pitching cards, Clipper Classic binders, etc.

Action Items:

  • Darci
    • Train Golda on how to post information on the website, including the evaluation registration
  • Adam
    • Meet with the other leagues to schedule the Clipper Classic for 2019
    • Meet with Jay Robertson and Trevor Johnson
    • Reserve the Commons Area at CCA High School for the parent meeting
    • Be present for 8U evaluation registration for Nick on August 1st.
  • Golda
    • Update 2018-2019 Evaluation information
    • Set up evaluation registration on the website
    • Update the by-laws
    • Check into advertising the evaluations in the NoJoCo or virtual backpack


Meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm by Adam Henderson.  The next meeting will be Monday, July 16th at the CCA High School in the Commons Area.   Time will be announced at a later date.

Minutes submitted by: Golda Monohon, Secretary