January 10, 2022


Opening: Clippers Baseball Club Board Meeting was held February 21 6:00am in person at Middle School Commons at 6:00pm.

01/10/2022 Meeting Minutes

  1. Open discussion

Club insurance: needed to have insurance to rent school, an additional $200ish a year for directors and officer liabilities insurance (to protect board members from being sued). Voted yes to get. 

White building- Still waiting on HS teams to sign up for practice before open to public

Jim Thompson (tournament): said to keep everything the same and keep on. Going to do rings for championship. Once club teams are registered, let Alex know. 

Scheels 20% coupon- Cori taking care of setting up. Date: February 7-20, bat demos- teams can pick a day to try out new bats and usually have good deals on the ones they bring 

Cori will send out reminder on FB/email for uniform ordering. 

  1. Update on Outstanding Action Items

All sizes collected from coaches for their clothing items (short sleeve, long sleeve, and shorts) – will add on the spring clothing order. Alex has almost all of the sizes. 

Uniform Online store- active January 3-17 

Second half fee due on February 1st- need to send reminder out- set up for 7 day before and 7 day after to be sent out.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

$32,079.52 current account balance- will add statement 

$662 was made from clothing sales (Ironside)

High school Scholarship-is application updated? $1000 total- 2($500) — Jessi Drake updating application. 

  1. Fundraising 

Put on hold for time being- see how tournament goes, but keep current scheduled ones  

Thoughts on canceling scratch fundraiser and do Edgewood Locker sale. Going to cancel scratch and possibly sugar bottom. Edgewood takes 4 weeks to get back, April 25th is the earliest delivery date. Free delivery if fundraiser sells a total 150 boxes. 

Another clothing order in spring. Cori and Bridgette arranging it. 

  1. Usage of club funds

An off season camp for the boys since teams are starting to practice- waiting to hear back. $400 a team

Pay for clipper classic fees for each team- 7/8U $250, 9U & up $350. Give each team a check to pay for fees at December meeting. April 30-May 1 

Baseball delivered, but not invoiced yet. Buy balls for each team- 4 doz for each team 

Deckers for balls- getting 40 dozen (around $1600 total) Katie Piper for contact. Can bring to next meeting to hand out. 

10U- needs more funds for tournaments, asking club for some, but wanting to make it the same for each team. Try to set a slated scale up since the older teams are more expensive than the younger teams. Teams can submit expenses and see where they’re at compared to club expenses. 

Banners- club will cover the expense. Cori setting up pictures. 

Pay for State for each team that is going. 

Club not keeping 10% back and giving it back to teams- – give it back to teams. l