July 10, 2019


Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Clippers Baseball Club meeting was held on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 at Scheel’s in Coralville, IA at 6:00pm.

Club Members Present: Wade Good (Vice President via speaker phone), Golda Monohon (Secretary), Adam Zupancic, and Nick Pfeiffer

Coaches/Others Present: Derek Thomas (11U), Jeff Davis (10U), Jake Smith (13U), Kristy Schrock (12U), Brandon Schrock (12U), Kelly Weber (12U), Travis Weber (12U), Bill Isham (13U), Trevor Johnson (13U), Bryan Monohon (14U), Clint Cochran (13U), Tim Blattner (8U), Dan Stotler (10U), Jeremiah Herdliska (7U), Doug Schrage (8U), Matt Carlson (7U), Sarah Seidl (7U), and Nate Mineart (13U).

Field Availability:

At 6pm, Golda started the meeting by discussing field availability at the Tiffin City Park. A couple weeks ago Jonas Zimmerman had stated the fields in Tiffin would not be available until September since they would be redoing the fields. However Jonas called Golda today stating that the work on the fields was going much better than expected and that the club would be able to get on the fields as early as the last week of July.

Club Membership Dues:

The coaches were curious as to how and when teams would be paid for the upcoming year. In addition they wanted to know what expenses would be paid by the club and by the team. It was discussed that the average team brings in $3300 with the current membership dues of $300 per player. It was proposed that $2000 be given to each team. $1300 would need to be held back by the club to pay for the following:

USSSA Registration (~$55)

Insurance (~$120)

Banners (~$120)

Clipper Classic Entry (~$450)


Practice Facilities

2 dozen balls/team

The coaches stated that the current membership dues would not be enough. Teams and/or the club will need to fundraise, or the club will need to raise the dues. Tigers membership dues are $925 for next year. Liberty membership dues are $650 for next year. 12U White and 9U Blue stated that they used $5500-6000 this past year for operating costs. Nick stated the younger teams such as 7U and 8U do not use nearly as much. Therefore the coaches recommended that membership dues should be raised to $350/year, but keep the 7U and 8U teams at $300/year.

It was then proposed that the club give $3000 to each team to cover field rental ($10/hour for practice and $20/game), gym usage ($10/hour for practice), tournaments, league fees, and umpire fees. Each team would need to report back to the board each month to show income and expenditures. The club would then need to take care of USSSA Registration, Insurance, and Banners.

Trevor Johnson stated that we need to have a parent meeting to spell out the finances and the plan. The club needs transparency on what the money will be budgeted towards.


Jake Smith stated that area specific adrenaline cards would be a good fundraising option. The club would promote the fundraiser and each player would be asked to sell at least 10 cards. The top seller could win a hoodie. Fundraisers could happen in a combination to optimize success. For example the main fundraiser could happen at Throttle Down with smaller fundraisers happening at the same time such as the adrenaline cards or a 50/50 raffle.

Other fundraising options include Hy-Vee coupon books. 8U recently sold coupon books to help pay Katie Schmelzer back for the team banners for the 2019 season. Another option is to host a baseball camp.

NLYBS would be willing to donate 2 of their rainout weekends to the Clipper Baseball Club. The Clippers teams could split up the two weekends. The teams that are not playing would help assist with running the tournament for the other teams that are playing. The teams would then swap for the following weekend. In addition NLYBS would be willing to run the concession stand and split the proceeds with the Clippers. Trevor Johnson stated that 1-day tournaments would be another great option.

Tryout Dates/Time:

The coaches present at the meeting chose two dates each that they would be available to run evaluations. A board member should be present for registration at all of the tryout dates. The registration money will be used to help cover the cost of building usage with the school district over the course of the season.

July 29th at 6pm (9U and 10U)

August 1st at 6pm (7U and 10U)

August 3rd at 9am (11U, 12U, 13U, and 14U)

August 3rd in the afternoon (8U)

August 10th at 9am (7U, 8U, 11U, 12U, 13U, and 14U)

August 11th in the afternoon (9U)

Coaches that provided tryout dates/times:

7U – Jeremiah Herdliska

8U – Tim Blattner??

9U – Nick Pfeiffer

10U Blue – Trevor Bollers/Adam Zupancic

10U White – Jeff Davis

11U – Derek Thomas??

12U – Travis Weber

13U Blue – Jake Smith??

13U White – Trevor Johnson

14U – Bryan Monohon??

Tryout dates and times can be promoted on the club website, the club Facebook page, the North Liberty Mamas Facebook page, and the Tiffin Mamas Facebook page.

Action Items:

  • Golda
    • Update Clippers Baseball Club handout/tryout information for 2020 season
    • Set up registration on website


Meeting was adjourned at 7:25pm. The next meeting will be Thursday, July 18th at 6pm at Tiffin City Hall in Tiffin, IA.

Minutes submitted by: Golda Monohon, Secretary