December 20, 2018


Thursday, December 20, 2018


Clipper Baseball Club meeting was held on Thursday, December 20, 2018 at Tiffin City Hall in Tiffin, IA at 6:00pm.

Club Members Present: Adam Henderson (President), Wade Good (Vice President), Nick Pfeiffer (Alternate and 8U coach), and Adam Zupancic (Director of Operations), Darci Roehler (Trustee)

Coaches Present: Brad Curtin (7U), Trent Dekoter (9U Blue/13U), Jeff Davis (9U White), Travis Weber (11U), Jake Smith (12U Blue), Trevor Johnson (12U White), Brian Baxter (14U)

 Golda Monohon (Secretary) and Bryan Monohon (13U) arrived at 6:45pm.

  • Building Usage:

White Building is available for hitting practices. CCA School District charges $10/hour to use this building. It is available for use by the club on Sundays. Adam already has a schedule of all team reserved times.

CCA School District gyms are available for fielding practices. CCA School District charges $25/hour to use these facilities. It is the coach’s responsibility to register and reserve a time for their own team on the school district website.

  • USSSA Registration:

It is the responsibility of the head coach to ensure their team is registered on the Iowa USSSA Baseball website. Once the team is registered, the coach needs to relay the G# to Adam so that the club can set up insurance for that team.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:55pm by Adam Henderson. The next meeting will be Thursday, February 21st at 6pm at Tiffin City Hall in Tiffin, IA.

Minutes submitted by: Golda Monohon, Secretary