November 8, 2021


Opening: Clippers Baseball Club Board Meeting was held Monday, November 8, 2021 in person at Tiffin City Hall at 6:00pm.

Board Members Present: Alex Schultejans, Katie Piper, Bridgette Schares, Cori Charbon (zoom), Anna Woody 

11/8/2021 Meeting Minutes

  1. Open discussion
  2. Fundraisers put on hold for time being. See how tournament goes with Triple Badger running it. 

  3. Scheels 20% coupon- Cori taking care of setting up. 
  • Update on Outstanding Action Items

Feed back on sending invoices- went smooth.  

Clothing Order- Orders due November 22 ships December 20. Store is ready and will be posted soon. No nike or under armour just adidas due to supply chain issues 

Hats are hard to get right now. 

Uniform Online store- January 3-17 try on night will be December 13 530-7

A swap night for pants, belts,cleats,socks, same as uniform try on 

Card for Easton Henderson family for dues being covered by club- Alex will get/send

Play it again Sport credit ($232) to Katie Moorehead to help purchase equipment since 9u white is new team

Second half fee due on February 1st. 

  • Treasurer’s Report

$44,358.71 current account balance 

High school Scholarship-emailed HS council, getting info for what all is needing. In years past it was $500 total- either to 1 ($500) or 2 ($250 each)  

Team Checks

  • Fundraising 

Put on hold for time being- see how tournament goes, but keep current scheduled ones  

Teams can do their own fundraising 

Edgewood- full right now due to deer season, circle back February/March for April delivery 

Hometown- $919 raised by November one

Sugar Bottom Bakery- February 28-March 4 for a March 6th Pick up

SugarPeach, Texas Roadhouse, Taven Blue- possible fundraisers

Clothing order- store open soon. Due Nov 22 estimated ship date dec 20. 

Pancheros- not doing it currently 

Scratch- April 2022 pick up in May- possibly use Tiffin City Hall for pick up location

Can drive in the Spring 

  • Usage of club funds

ay for clipper classic fees for each team- 7/8U $250, 9U & up $350. Give each team a check to pay for fees at December meeting. April 30-May 1 

Buy balls for each team- 2 doz for each team (18total)- Cori checking Scheels pricing 

Deckers for balls- getting 40 dozen (around $1600 total).. contacting Katie Piper for contact 

Short sleeve shirt,long sleeve, and shorts for coaches

Club not keeping 10% back and giving it back to teams 

Possible sponsorships for players who need help with fees

9. Adjournment

  • Meeting Adjourned at 6:57pm. The next meeting will be Monday December 13, 2022 @7:00 PM at Tiffin City Hall.
  • Minutes submitted by Anna Woody, Secretary