June 13,2022

Location: Tiffin City Hall 

Start time: 6:37

End time: 728

  1. Open discussion

Matt Farley-7U coach for 2023 

  1. Update on Outstanding Action Items

Party at the Park prep/to do (Aug 13 4-?) 14U outgoing gifts in the process of being made. 

8×8 drop back with clipper club logo ordered 

Set up a Facebook event/have coaches send out reminders to know how many people for food, etc.. 

Total made from Clipper Classic- still pending (some field rentals are being reimbursed) 

Coaching Clinic- In the works. Saturday in October

Talk to the HS baseball staff about a kids clinic 

Kids night at the HS Park- June 15 against Linn Mar (JV/Varsity game) be there at no later than 6 

Tryout dates set for 2023 season 7-9U July 12/14 10-14U July 19/21

Will need a coach for 14U 

New uniform design/company to do them (Bundle of jacket/sweatshirt, jersey, and hat)- Elite Sports 

  1. Treasurer’s Report

$19,123.81 current account balance- still need to reimburse 7U for state 

State Shirts- $1549.38

  1. Fundraising 
  1. Usage of club funds
  1. July Meeting

July 6 WEDNESDAY @ 6 Tiffin City Hall