February 21, 2022


Opening: Clippers Baseball Club Board Meeting was held Monday April 4 (no March meeting) in person at Middle School Commons at 6:00pm.

02/21/2022 Meeting Minutes

  1. Open discussion

Jim Thompson talking about Clipper Classic Tournament- 88 teams signed up so far. Needing fields for 14U. Remind Clipper team to sign up because space is getting limited. 

Baseballs- they will supply baseballs and bill out for them (around $36 dozen) and the leftover balls will go back to the club. 

Site directors- if TBT supplies them its around $25 an hour per person, but the club can provide to save money. Collecting gate fees, sending pitch cards, “babysitting fields”, maybe have to rake/prep fields pending complex, etc… Voted to have TBT to hire site directors. 

Concession stand at Penn Meadows- North Liberty Youth Baseball 

Kona Ice? HS clubs rake fields 

Schedules won’t be released until 1-2 weeks before, but can change up to a few days before

Umpires: $75 behind the plate/ $60 for bases per game was paid last year. In the past have paid $450 Brent to hire and schedule umps and be on site to help. Voted to  leave it the same as last year. Umps get paid when they are done (after day 1 OR after day 2 pending what they’re scheduled for- directors pay umps.) 8 U one ump, 9 U & up 2 umps. 8 U ump behind the plate. 

Portables- Penn meadows might need a few more. 

  1. Update on Outstanding Action Items

Pictures are going to be IN studio at KS photography in Oxford. ONLY parents need players are going to be allowed in the studio to prevent damage and keep things running on time. Dates and times are as follows: 

Tuesday March 29 @ 5:00         Thursday March 31 @530

7U @ 5                8U @530

10U @ 530                12U @6

9U White @ 6                14U @630

9U Blue @630                11U White @7

11U Blue @7

Banners will hopefully be done before the Clipper Classic, but as a club need to do better with getting logos and sponsorships finalized before picture days. 

Coaches order went in today (2/21)- 33 coaches. 

HS white building schedule open yet- some teams using it. 

Hand out team checks and baseballs. Will need to order more checks so Katie P can send electronically. 

Uniforms- Katie P will call Ironside and check status on them. 

Club officer insurance is still pending, papers being sent in. 

Meetings will be at Middle School Commons until at least June – -$10/hr. 

  1. Treasurer’s Report

$39,335.15 current account balance- will add statement 

High school Scholarship-is application updated? $1000 total- 2($500) — Jessi Drake updating application. When to send to the school? 

  1. Fundraising 

Passing out edge wood order forms. Edgewood takes 4 weeks to get back. Orders due April 4 and delivery May 9. Make checks to clipper baseball club. 

Another clothing order open now- 2/21. 

  1. Usage of club funds

An off season camp for the boys since teams are starting to practice- waiting to hear back. $400 a team

Pay for clipper classic fees for each team- 7/8U $250, 9U & up $350. April 30-May 1 

Banners- club will cover the expense- will write one check to photographer.

Pay for State for each team that is going- teams to register and pay then club will write check back to team.