September 13, 2021


Opening: Clippers Baseball Club Board Meeting was held Monday, September 13, 2021 in person at Tiffin City Hall at 6:00pm.

Board Members Present: Kelly Weber, Cori Charbon, Katie Piper, Bridgette Schares, Anna Woody 

09/13/21 Meeting Minutes:

1.Open discussion on membership


  • Update on Outstanding Action Items


  • Treasurer’s Report

Checks will get deposited soon, changing hands

Send an email reminding for dues due

  • Sponsorships/ team banners

Sponsorship for team only have checks wrote specifically for team not club

Add line to form to specify club or team 

Remove plaque from form 

Send letters once lists complete to parents if employers are interested in being a sponsors 

financial assistance- hotel help at state, help with club fees. Set aside an amount to use, re-evaluate once the amount is used up

High school scholarship fund started again

  • Fundraising 

Edgewood- still waiting to hear back/contact 

Hometown 10/07 & maybe November date 

Clothing order- around Christmas usually store open for 1-2 weeks so posted around beginning November— only offer shipping NO PICK UPS 

Pancheros- Nick contacting them 

Scratch- April 2022 pick up in May 

  • Usage of club funds

Iowa Clinic- Nick Ungs $400 a team 

Day clinic in winter @ DD 

Field fees- Frank next year for Tiffin: a lot less availability flat rate of $250 per team guaranteed one night a week usage 

Kernels game 

Hockey game 

Iowa game

State tournament entry fee 

Pitching machine 

Square, look into the fees, Venmo- Track phone? Link to website able to send invoices 

Coaching clinic 

Top 5- field fees, group outing, Iowa clinic, hitting clinic, coaching clinic 

8.Teams needing members

9U white- 9 kids.. 11 possibly 

8U white- 6 kids not heard from parents on interest coaching could some 8U play up

12U white- 8 kids 

Email by October 1st for finalized teams in limbo with coaching and kids.

9. Adjournment

  • Meeting Adjourned at 6:58pm. The next meeting will be October 18th @6:00 PM at Tiffin City Hall.
  • Minutes submitted by Anna Woody, Secretary