July 8, 2022

Meeting Agenda

Location: Tiffin City Hall 

Start time: 6:36

End time: 7:39

  1. Open discussion
  1. Update on Outstanding Action Items

Party at the Park prep/to do (Aug 13 4-?)

250ish -Meat, chips, popsicles, plates, and silverware 

Coaching Clinic- In the works. Saturday in October ( second weekend in October)  Anyone who is coach/helping 

Talk to the HS baseball staff about a kids clinic 

Bring new uniform designs (Bundle with jacket/sweatshirt, jersey, and hat)— Elite Sports (prices will not be marked up) or – – socks, pants, 

Have uniforms ready to be ordered around Thanksgiving (or sooner), dues due end of Sept/Feb 

Feed back on tryouts/teams- Overall went pretty well. Need to add phone number for tryout info, ask why the kiddo wants to play club ball, have they played club ball before if so, which one.  Should charge a fee to help weed out ones who aren’t serious 

Club paying for field rentals at Tiffin, need to reimburse teams who’ve paid theres. 

Field availability might be pretty slim in Tiffin next year- will need to find different fields to use (Coralville, NL, Iowa softball fields, Oxford, Amana, etc.. )

Welcome email to all the members with expectations, when dues are due, and with uniforms. 

  1. Treasurer’s Report

$22,558.69 current account balance

3250 for fields 

Covered about $15,000 worth of things for the teams 

  1. Fundraising 

TBT concession stand? Voted not to because of busy weekends already 

Easy ones- clothing, scratch, hometown, edgewood 

Hometown this winter

Edgewood this spring 

  1. Usage of club funds
  1. July Meeting

Sept 12 @ 6 Tiffin City Hall